02 July 2012


what not
not what
suffer doubt

i i inspired vessel for your avarice
willow skimming surface water
pretending, in dreams
cream face mark, coagulating battery
to paint on slimy

- projection of intent, necessitate your fantasy, your wish is commanded - - -

(mymy dream a beach dream)
frowned rod plunged thru arm twisted
bad dream thin sheets

i cried out to Bacchus in fear
or whoever
and you were laughing
but i didn’t deserve or

not believe
what was
would go thru with this
flesh is superficial surface + my only ironed gleaning
from torn treasure maps

(so many roads and forward
- - you won't have to worry - -
maybe something tired cowering
- - you won’t have to whine - -
and backwards placenta
nictatating mistep now, didn’t wanna ever hate my flesh
+ im hoppin over lava spots man

circled landmark
pastel accusation
+ a collar presented to me, well manicured, familiar
dogs can’t say thank you
dogs can’t see in colors
dog don’t know what better

well @ least im not numb
@ least i still tumble forward for the sun
in the new millenium sufficient programming allows me to remember my name
Lacunated ~// original mindset

(washed, parallel to bad dreams in the ocean
my horse brothers gallop tumble off waves
equilibrium reached and super seeded
not a safety net strapped to my right wrist
but a means to a journey
golden slate embossed with barnacles, beads, the number 8

Head turned westward, i know my
Venus is reppin me
pressed against my breast when im inhaling

sweet grain of knowing, for Giving
love, be it blessing
is water more than weapon

i really hope to listen
i truly ask your pardon
i won’t hate if u won’t man
i wish you more love then
more love more love more love

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

“Life has served but to fix
Our hearts; love lingers on the tongue,
And one who loves once is always young.”

“Man is so infinitely small
In all these stars, determinate.
Maker and moulder of them all,
Man is so infinitely great!”