07 May 2011

we're building a house of the future together / what would i do without yu?

sayin these words but i don't know you'll ever see them
i feel like i'm swimming thru weeds when i feel your fingertips pull away in water
your fear eyes pull away in the water
green eyes
yu said i used to swim

love, would you
think aside the symbols a moment,
cuz there's a wide open-temple inside
every action we did
everything we didn't
clean smell of your spice, I visit your temple in the morning
and sacrilege is so far below us
and if i wasn't there, i'm sorry
but i'm comin home so soon
i don't ever wanna be sorry again

Chamu'el ~ Iofi'el ~ soul calls Sapphire i take you in my hand
will you be warm can't say i wasn't warned

two steps on the water now
i see your hand reach down
you touch my fingertips below the surface
bring me towards your Crown

Spirit Wait
Fetish Disippate
Spell away
I will wait

Sean yu are love
and I will wait