23 March 2011

'moon is like the sun tonight'

Moon is like the sun tonight

first of 18 years
wide open Eye watching you tonight

it's always been there
should your will falter

Tonight your tongue is the
altar Tonight

And any will but that to give up the self to the Beloved is black magic

Bells: yours-was-armour-no one

plastic bags are rustling in the trees

my love is not your disease

the gaze knells cold sky wall of sound
pump ethereal melt away forces of
hatred aversion and pride self pity

vajra give what daddy don't

crystals meet and you're not

just a boy sees
No Moon

19 March 2011

spring equinox tomorrow - moon will look at you tonight like open blinding eye. light a candle, tattoo yourself, cook a meal, confess to something. create something outside yourself. i really think that we can all benefit from some selfless creation - whatever your ceremony is, let your intentions dissolve, forget yourself, and give back to the spirits. they are older than you.

05 March 2011

aint no incubus - letter to boy, running - -

love in mind
claim in me

i see u underneath my eyelids
so it's easier when i'm asleep

you helped me sleep you cleaned my eyelids
underneath whatever caked
i saw your beautiful intentions

you nor i aint a fuckin griffin
boy we aren't emerging thru fog
in your dreams are my eyes
green like that dog we knew

if i was close enough to brush your
i wouldn't have to complete sentences
searing meaning in your glances
there is settled soul beneath poetics

you know
i just wanna make you smile