30 January 2011

jesu, 'silver' tryptich

if you gaze too hard
glazed former taint
you'll realize god
is innocent

- - - - - - -

you wave from far
inside the waves
underwater it
sounds the same

- - - - - - -

breathing star
need never beg
all good truths
inside your head

28 January 2011

jesus and mary chain, 'cracking up'

kate bush, 'running up that hill'


shadow on the wall

i knew I would see your shadow on the wall
only minutes after you leave.

cruel exaction of destiny
no love in expiation

I like to stand against it
so my heads where yours would be
and when time is cotton in my mouth

find myself imitating you sometimes
find myself seeing your shoulders fill the green shirt I touch
where I lay my head

i palm the wall
you once asked if I was real
I palm the place you pushed

I’ve rushed so much
thinking the end
but when I learn the change in my skin
i’ll wait grace breaks over masculinity
life begins please
join me
i bless you
no fear in future

the bliss should
return you home

where i'll always be - -

heaven was the sun inside your eyes
regret is nothing but a disguise

cuz underneath this callow skin
and as this lonely sphere yet turns
your sun still burns

13 January 2011

you wear my black heart on your chest...

3 3 soul pounding songs for lovers.., from hazy siren 'Zola Jesus' EP 'Stridulum'