30 September 2010

27 September 2010

if my words dont come together, listen...

in moments like these 
just the thought of your smile 
in reality is reality
us is everything
is my best decision

and i cant live with only memories
just the thought of your smile
brings me reality
i want to bring u more than me
only you and me
ill keep loving persistently
if you can be forgiving me
for tempting destiny
by beginning things

you'll always be with me - cuz u are love now
but tho we are our descision
id be happier with u

24 September 2010

i wrote some songs

+ song fragments. don't quite have the beats/tunes for them yet. i have some ideas about remixing/reappropriating some pre-existing melodies for them, but i would love for them to be totally original pieces. more than gaping open for suggestions.

' Soft power / throb in white
  Two Sisters/ out at night
  Aegis, New York, Hades/
 Struggle up from your knees

The space before the thrust, thrust/
Something more than us/
Once baptised/ now we rust, rust/
Heavens turning lust

 Bow your head down/
  put your head down/
  prostrate now /
  and put your head down/
  Concubine O Concubine/
  Little fuckin light of mine

 Rome is burning/ Your bones are burning

(spoken): transcend this stasis, make the moment last boy, everything is changing, you will never change.'

'tides of mood/
even only you/
why can't only you/
stay this way

this needs to end o god it's ending/
this needs to end o god it's ending/
this needs to end o god it's ending

remember that time/
i cried and i was laughing/
these new smiles feel like plastic/
remember that time

we are always going away/
we are always going away/
good boys sit + stay/

this needs to end o god it's ending/
this needs to end o god it's ending/
this needs to end o god it's ending'

'All wraps up' - (this is only the first couple verses of this song, i wrote it with the tune of the first verses of Siouxsie and the Banshees' 'Israel' in mind. which is in turn their rip off of other melodies they wrote. any other suggestions would be great, but i think it works rather well. Here's a link to the song:

'Your evening splashing on the floor/
  fill your cup but whine for more/
  it's in the asking/

  You dance with them/
  and show your wealth/
  still you're wishing them bad health/
  her laugh is rancid/
  kill it
  kill it kill it
  reveal before the crowd
  this wasn't supposed to happen tonight'