22 March 2010

we both mean it, still hard to smile - -

thanks to leon russell + karen carpenter for giving voice to voiceless + beauty in wandering nite-

its in the note, all this + everything

-----------------end now right now i could-----------------------
-----------------end it has ended now end-----------------------
-----------------has it now end did it end i-----------------------
                              can't really tell

love protect me-----------------------------------love shield me from how i see
you-----------------------------------------------this inside is stayin bright
this outside hurts o hurts o fucking hurts-----------us typical
tripping wavelengths------------------------------different pages
no blame or shame------------------------------- just different stages

                      tonight i considered running away + running into
                                     ending myself or leaving you    --- wait, wait
                  can i wait i can wait .
even without waiting rushing hoping holding hurting hunting holding back
                         so something so worth to lookat
                         the tumolt of you the tenacity of me
                         the tumolt of me the tenacity of you  
                                      - we meant these things. i know we do.

the ghosts of us kids - (the opposite of fleeing)

       the ghosts of us
       all up my block
          gesturing wisps of our teary evenings
heres where we left crying
heres where we made discord work
heres where i threw u comic books from my windo - o come 
on, we both know something in the sky was 
watching us
          and we know it wasn't really gust rain snow sun
               so if we agree, let's get our hands off the gun - o -
                                                                                      im scared

16 March 2010

: to someone i don't know - -


\/ >>> Really the issue becomes your attraction to those whose natural condition is to repel. > 
    You find yourself reflected billions of times over in hallways > atriums of crystal and leather > 
      > but you stumble and land in the broken glass on your way out of the bedroom. > 
             < He’s wept, you know, for you < I hope you know that > 
It’s all very expected though, the unlocked room, carpeted,
                                                      reeking of  sweat   rank  chlorine  cologne >>> you being tossed liltingly, landing in the corner                                                   >>the heap of you <<                                                                                  and even after being treated like a futon you can be panting, redly,    >>>>         and it’s all very worrying.\/

14 March 2010

won't let you down..

born to reasons i
+ showed my caul -
- hesitant film of petulant worries and mucus
my mistake my silence

i can hatch too, i can build cornerstone - i won't take too long
this mouth's for talking
these ears for listening
these arms for holding - so be held be heard be hearing
o god breath with me

we are our decision